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Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare today's youthpreneurs to be the tomorrow's billionaires through social entrepreneurship.

Billionaire Entrepreneur Mindset Speaker Series

Our amazing WAE Warriors are being exposed to the millionaire & billionaire mindset through this phenomenal speaker series including people like Dr. Jewel Tankard of Black Friday Movie, Bravo's Thicker than Water and The Jewel Tankard Show, Dr. Chyna Bethley, founder of Rich University and featured in Black Friday, Alex Fernandex, Creator of Body Jumpers webseries, Dr. Kathy Kirkland, millionaire investor and FOREX trader, and many more!

Why The WAE?

The WAE provides a purpose-driven, strengths-based, individualized, competency and standards-based, project-based learning platform. It provides a mixture of online and on-ground learning that connects students with professionals and experiences that give them hands-on learning from those who DO! We create a space for unique students to be unique and have a learning atmosphere that encourages them to be themselves and think outside of the box. We help your youthpreneur discover their passion and purpose and teach them to profit from them so that they will never "work" a day in their lives!


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Upcoming Events

Open House will take place on September 26th at 7 pm EST at 1712 E. Busch Blvd at The Church of the Way! Open House is your time to find out more about what your warrior is  doing and where we are going. Prospective parents are also invited!  Please spread the word and let's put The WAE on display!Join us to hear from our Head of School, Success Coaches, Parents, and our amazing WAE Warriors! http://bit.ly/2hbNIXG

Parent Testimonials

Tyanna's Mom shares her story!

Our parents tell the story the best! Check out this these testimonials of how The WAE has impacted their family.

Application & Scholarships

Apply for The WAE & Scholarships! 

Don't qualify for Step Up for Students, McKay, Gardiner, or other state sponsored school choice scholarships? Don't give up! We offer in-house scholarship opportunities and a parent work program to help you afford a top-notch, out-of-the-box private school education for your youthpreneur! We help make what may look IMPOSSIBLE become POSSIBLE!

Share the big news

Our students Adam W. and Jaylen R. and their company, KHAOS Kustoms will be participating in the Miracles Outreach fundraiser dinner and fashion show, "From Runaway to Runway" on Sept. 30 from 6-9 pm at the historic Ft. Harrison Hotel in Clearwater. Register to attend the event and see what we do at The WAE!

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WAE Portal

Connect to our parent portal on Igrades to stay in the know with what we are doing. The WAE is going green! In order to save trees, we are keeping our paper to a minimum by providing you up-to-date information at your fingertips with our parent portal! Got questions? Send them in the portal. Want to know what's going on with your warrior's learning? Go to the portal. Want to talk to your warrior's success coaches? Hit them up in the portal. The parent portal is your gateway to all things WAE!

Online Learning

The WAE is so incredibly excited to have partnered with Centric Learning to offer the Hero Learning System to our students! WAE Warriors get their core academic courses online with a STRENGTHS-BASED, INDIVIDUALIZED, CROSS-CURRICULAR, PROJECT-BASED learning platform that focuses on COMPETENCY-BASED LEARNING! What does that mean? Our students learn by DOING projects in a variety of subject areas that fascinate THEM including sports, technology, health, art, music, creativity, finances, business, writing and much more!  See what your Warrior is DOING!

Let's Get Social!

At The WAE, we believe in the power of social media and we want to connect with you SOCIALLY! It is not uncommon for us to GO LIVE on Facebook to SHOW what we are doing at The WAE. Don't miss what is going on LIVE at The WAE and SHARE it with your family, friends and the world by connecting with us on Facebook!

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Golf @ The WAE

We want our WAE Warriors to be prepared for battle in the world of business. That preparation means that must understand the various battlefields. In business, many deals are completed on THE GOLF COURSE! Robert Dooley's The Butterfly Effect of Golf on Education gets them golf course ready and connects their academics every Friday! Find out more about The Butterfly Effect of Golf!

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