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Join a community of youthprenuers & lifelong learners! We are a private school serving grades 6-12.

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The WAE students wrote a song in response to the school shootings. They found the music and wrote the lyrics. This song is a political reaction to outbreak of school shootings throughout the U.S.

The WAE - Moving Forward

Check out our students' music video! They wrote the lyrics to this song and were the creative directors behind the project! 

the walters Academy for entrepreneurship (the wae)

Dedicated Coaches


We know that students who are most successful in life learn how to learn and how to take responsibility for their learning and learning outcomes. Therefore, instead of teachers, we have coaches to coach them to success in each academic area. Most of our coaches have advanced degrees in their field or are active, successful entrepreneurs and business owners in their fields who are passionate about their areas and young people. They bring that passion into their classes.

Strengths-based, Individualized, Project-based Curriculum


Our curriculum is Top Notch! We use an individualized, strengths-based, project-based curriculum. HERO provides our students with the opportunity to take their core courses online using real-life projects to apply the information and principles of their core curriculum!

Applied Youthpreneurship


Our students are required to take entrepreneurship, financial literacy and communication. We believe traditional educational systems are failing to prepare our students for LIFE. We require ALL students to learn the principles of entrepreneurship, develop an entrepreneur mindset, and start a business, 

The WAE Information



The WAE is a private school serving grades 6-12 with a strengths-based, individualized, project-based curriculum with a focus on entrepreneurship. 

Our Vision is to create a generation of problem-solving youthpreneurs who are prepared to change the world through social entrepreneurship and wealth-building principles.


Core Principles

The WAE is a private school (middle school & high school) founded on the  

7 core principles of the Nguzo Saba including umoja (unity), kujichagulia (self-determination), ujima (collective work and responsibility), ujamaa (cooperative economics), nia (purpose), kuumba (creativity), and imani (faith). These principles are reflected in our philosophy and our curriculum. These Warriors for Academic Excellence and Entrepreneurship receive and develop:

  • Wealth warrior mindset 
  • Academic excellence 
  • Reading acceleration 
  • Responsibility- both personal and collective 
  • Individualized and adaptive learning 
  • Opportunities for success 
  • Real business, real investments, real life experiences and 
  • Self-awareness, self-control, self-discipline, & self-esteem. 


Admissions Process

Our admissions process is simple but designed to determine if the potential student and family is a good fit for The WAE and vice versa.

  1. Parents and potential WAE Warriors each complete sections of the WAE Admissions Application.
  2. The Application Fee of $100 per student is submitted by clicking the pay now link under Application Fees. 
  3. Once the completed application and registration fee is received, an admission interview will be scheduled with our admissions panel.
  4. After the interview a decision will be rendered within 48-72 hours.
  5. If accepted, the registration fee of $250 will be required within 72 hours in order to secure your students spot by going to the Registration Fee.
  6. Upon acceptance, a financial plan will be presented to the family.


application Fee

Application Fee


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

An application fee of $100 per student is required for consideration of your application.


Registration Fee

Registration Fee


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Upon acceptance a registration fee of $250 per student is required for admission.

Our Partners


Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet serve our students and provide scholarships to students in need. Your generous donation will fund our mission to change the world through entrepreneurship. Your donations are tax-deductible and will be processed through our partner and great supporter 7 Streams Flow, Inc. (501c3). 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card